National Cancer Assistance Foundations Children’s Fund (NCAFCF) provides compassion and hope that goes beyond the medical aspects of cancer.
We believe that the mind, soul and heart need attention too!

Who We Help

When children are diagnosed with cancer, they and their families get quickly thrown into a world of complicated medical procedures, decisions and treatment.

This unfamiliar world also brings with it a devastating financial and emotional effect.

Make a Donation

It is only through the generosity of others that we can offer families a wide range of programs which provide financial help, educational resources and support.

To make your donations, you can mail your gift to us at the address below. Together we can give the gift of hope and possibilities for all children with cancer.

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Our programs and resources can help these precious children and their families make it through a day, a week or even years of grueling medical treatments.

It’s our little way of trying to help these families focus less on the medical issues and more on the health and recovery of their child.